Foraminotomy – take the pressure off

Life with formanimal pain is unpredictable. One day you feel fine, but ride a bike or work at your desk for a long stretch, and suddenly you feel an excruciating burning in your neck or shoulder. You’ve felt this before, but brushed it off. But now it’s getting more frequent and intense.

Foraminotomy may be the answer. Don’t let the long name (for-a-min-AH-to-mee) put you off. It is a minimally invasive spine procedure that widens the tunnel through which nerve bundles pass from the spinal cord to the rest of the body. The procedure relieves pressure on the nerve root that is causing your terrible pain. The result is freedom of movement without pain.

Foraminotomy can help if you have been diagnosed with:

  • Degenerative spine disorders
  • Invertebral disc prolapse
  • Foraminal stenosis (narrowing)
  • Spondylosis
Even if those words mean nothing to you now, our physician can perform and MRI or CT scan with myelogram and give you a fast and accurate diagnosis.

Relief is Here

Foraminal pain is difficult to relieve without surgery. Traction or avoiding certain activities can offer relief – but that puts big restriction on your life.

The good news is foraminotomies can be done in a minimally invasive way. That means:

  • It’s an outpatient procedure – no hospital stay
  • The incision is small enough to cover with a Band-Aid – the old way leaves a 5- to 6-inch scar
  • The recovery is fast – you walk out the same day and can go back to work in days or weeks, not months
Our procedures are endoscopic, meaning the surgeon works through narrow tubes and magnified images. Muscles and tissue surrounding the surgery site are gently spread apart, not cut and torn. The end result is less risk of infection, pain and internal scarring.