Find the Pain Treatment Right for You

Pain can make you miserable. It can take over your life and become all you can think about. It can consume you. Enough is enough. It’s time to get your life back. Our treatments all work to target the source of your pain and ease it so you can get on with your life. We treat a variety of chronic pain syndromes and spine conditions that affect your daily life. Our treatments include a range of non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures.


We perform injections of the spine and extremities to eliminate pain generators and improve function. We use specialized biologic injectables, genetically tailored to your body. Conditions treated include disease of the spine, chronic joint pain and pain after surgery in the spine or joints.

Surgical Treatment
Diseases of the Spine:

At Capstone, we specialize in treating spinal disorders including disc herniations, sciatica, spinal stenosis and spinal arthritis with endoscopic surgery. An endoscope allows a surgeon to use a keyhole incision to perform surgical procedures, where muscle and tissue are dilated rather than being cut.